Help - Measuring Your Kitchen


To make the process a little easier for you, you can measure your kitchen in order get a rough estimate of just how much material you will need. Here are 3 options on how to measure your kitchen:

Option 1

Draw a rough sketch of your kitchen. 

You will want to make sure to mark: 

  1. Wall-to-Wall Dimensions
  2. Location of Appliances
  3. Center of Sink and Stove
  4. Locations of Windows 
  5. Ceiling Height

Option 2

To Measure Each Cabinet Individually 

  1. Cabinets come in increments of 3"
  2. The smallest cabinet is 9" wide and the largest is 36" wide
  3. Wall cabinets have a height of either 30", 36", or 42" 
  4. Base cabinets have standard height of 34.5"

Option 3

Or you can take pictures of your Kitchen

  1. Include basic dimensions in notes
  2. When marking wall cabinets, mark as width, height.

  •  *For example, 3036 means 30" wide and 36" tall  

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